We guarantee the structural integrity of our houses, no matter who is calling it home.

Whilst we are sure you will spend many years creating memories to last a lifetime with the ultimate level of confidence and peace of mind, if you decide to sell your home within the guarantee period, the new owner will enjoy the same level of assurance received when you built your Weeks home.

Peace of Mind

We commit to deliver noticeably higher standards in design and build quality, using only the best materials and finishes in your new home. It's with this quality in mind that Weeks Homes Guarantees the structural performance of its frames and slab for 25 years*.  

Owner Transferable

If it comes time to move on from your Weeks home any subsequent owner can continue to enjoy the same sense of security and peace of mind that you experienced for the remainder of the 25 year guarantee period*. 

Added Value

Whilst we are certain you'll love your Weeks home, perhaps it won't be your 'forever home'. The one thing you can be certain of is that you are building a quality investment for the future . The 25 year structural guarantee will add to the equity and value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

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