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Hamptons Style Colour Palette Living room and stairs and kitchen

Searching for a style of home where coastal elegance meets relaxed sophistication? Step into the timeless charm of the Hamptons. The Hamptons style house has become a staple of the Australian property market in recent years, but it’s the colour palette that has attracted homeowners of all tastes – with a dreamy combination of tones and textures that draw inspiration from the shores of Long Island.

You can start to reimagine your home by leveraging the unique Hamptons colour palette: a soft blue paired with a neutral grey, and natural tones that evoke coastal tranquillity. Here’s how to infuse Hamptons hues into your space and achieve understated luxury.

What is Hamptons Style?

The Hamptons style is a design ethos inspired by the affluent seaside properties that line Long Island’s ritzy South Fork. It’s become an enduring symbol of coastal luxury all over the world, but particularly popular among Australia homeowners.

Characterised by its breezy, relaxed sophistication, a Hamptons style home aims to seamlessly blend beachside elements with timeless elegance. The key to this aesthetic is its soft colour palette and textural design inclusions. Crisp and warm whites form the foundation of any coastal retreat, creating a light and airy ambiance that’s reminiscent of beachside cottages. Then there are the soft blues and timeless grey, inspired by the ocean and bringing a serene touch to open spaces. Architecturally, Hamptons homes often feature gabled roofs, shingle cladding and sprawling verandahs – not too dissimilar from classic Australian coastal homes.

The allure of the Hamptons style is that it delivers both opulence and comfort in a single package. Plus, it’s a style you can integrate into any type of home through its soft and remarkably simple colour palette.

What is Hamptons Style?

What is the Hamptons Style Colour Palette?

Picture a symphony of tranquil colours that welcome coastal living directly into your home. A gentle blue and soft green dance alongside neutral greys, stone and sandy beige. The resulting canvas is as sophisticated as it is understated. The whites, slightly warmed infuse spaces with a light and airy feel, reminiscent of seaside cottages.

For Hamptons interiors, layering accessories with rich textures and incorporating complementary subtle hues with decorative elements can add depth and warmth. Imagine a warm grey pail, elegant green panelled walls or shades of blue for cabinetry that harmonises with your other kitchen fittings. Alternatively, choosing whites with warm undertones stops the space from feeling too stark, and instead allows a play of natural light to amplify the coastal charm.

What Colours Should I Avoid?

Try to avoid bold and vibrant colours that take away from the neutral palette. Steer clear of intense or overly saturated tones that can disrupt the calming ambiance of a Hamptons home design. Bright reds, electric blues, bold yellows and in-your-face patterns are typically not in keeping with the understated nature of the Hamptons aesthetic.

Earthy and muted tones are preferable over highly contrasting colours. While contrast is essential in any home design, the Hamptons style achieves this through subtle variations within the neutral and soft colour spectrum – rather than sharp clashes.

Remember, the essence of Hamptons design is rooted in coastal tranquillity, and your colour choices should reflect that. Stick to calming blues and greens, as well as a spectrum of soft greys and whites to capture the seaside charm you’re looking for.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

What about the Exterior?

Hamptons exteriors call for eye-catching whites or alternatively a ‘greige’ colour palette – this is a combination of beiges and greys. Integrating bold yet complementary features into the façade – such as white plantation shutters – will give you a delicate balance and overwhelmingly positive kerb appeal, taking simplicity and sophistication to the next level.

Hamptons Style Exterior

How to Use Colour In Your Hamptons Interior

The biggest piece of advice for weaving a coastal colour palette into your Hamptons home is not just in the choice of colours but rather in how you layer them to evoke the breezy, relaxed elegance that defines Hamptons interiors. Here’s how you can start to work your colour magic in different parts of your home.


In a Hamptons-style bedroom, use a soothing palette dominated by soft blues, muted greens and calming greys. You could incorporate these colours into not just your walls, but also your bed linen, cushions, textural objects and even a statement piece of furniture like a plush armchair.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

Living Room

For the living room, pair classic blues and whites into your furniture and decor. You could transform this space by introducing patterns through stripes or florals in cushions and upholstery. Don’t shy away from a bold accent colour like a navy-blue sofa or a striking coffee table.

Hamptons Style Living Rooms


The heart of a Hamptons home is the kitchen. It’s here that you’ll have a canvas ripe for elegant colour choices. That might include a statement island bench in a soft duck-egg blue, or a classic navy backsplash to deliver that coastal vibe. The blues can be complemented by warm caramel tones, especially in elements like barstools or pendant lights.

Hamptons Style Kitchen


Stay true to the coastal theme in the bathroom with a palette that leverages whites, blues and greens. You can use these colours in a variety of ways – from your tiles to your towels and even bathroom fixtures and fittings. You might even want to use geometric patterns or subtle florals in hand towels or bath mats. This keeps the bathroom light, airy and consistent with the overall Hamptons style.

Hamptons Style Outdoor Living

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